Customer support

This is a page to help you with your purchases.

After you purchase anything from this site, please send us an email  to  with the following information:


**A copy of your PayPal receipt.
**The name of the product you purchased. ( Example Amigurumi Rosa)
**Date of purchase.
**Your first and last name.
**Postal address or address you want us to send your purchased product to.
**Any instructions to us related to your purchase.
**Please tell us if you agree on us sending occasional notifications of new products


Thank you very much for your purchase.

Mrs. Luz Alicia Gonzalez P

Luz Alicia





If you already sent me a message using the Contact page, and have not received the confirmation email telling you we got your message and that we are working on your issue, please send  an email to

We check this email address every day to make sure you get the best service possible