Blond mermaid


Mermaid doll measures 42 cm from head to tail.
Aqua tail and body, ivory head and arms torso, yellow hair on a chongo, flower top flower head ornaments, pareo mesh in Solomon knit fabric. Embroidered eyes and eyebrows. Plastic neck support.
100% cotton crochet yarn, filled with hypoallergenic polyester fiber. It can be washed by hand, not twisted or squeezed, use a towel to absorb excess water, or it can be cleaned with a damp cloth, DO NOT WASH IN A WASHER. Dry outdoors and in the shade on a towel.

Price $50.00 USD + Shipping and Handling + State tax where applicable

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To buy this doll, please send us an email at 

If you live in Waxhaw North Carolina at the Millbridge community, you can save on shipping and handling. Just send me an email to get in contact and tell me when you want to come and pick it up. Please bring cash.

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